Wordscapes Mod Apk 1.7.0

Download Wordscapes 1.7.0 Mod APK, and enjoy this relaxing word puzzle game with unlimited money to use for hints.

Wordscapes Mod Apk

Wordscapes Mod Apk

Author: PeopleFun

Category: Word

Package: com.peoplefun.wordcross

Verions: 1.7.0

Price: 0

Filesize: 109M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 02-03-2020

A Fun Relaxing Word Puzzle Game

Are you a huge fan of puzzle games? How about a crossword puzzle? Well, Wordscapes is definitely a game for you if you love doing them. This game is one of the most successful and popular games in Android because it can be challenging, yet very fun even if you finish hundreds of level.

The gameplay is quite easy. You will be given a crossword every level with a number of letters you have to scramble and draw a line towards each other to make a word. You must find all the words before you can proceed with the next level.

There are also bonus words that you can make, and this will give you an extra point if you manage to find them. These words are usually the ones that are not part of the crossword level.

Once you finish a level, it will also give you coins that you can use to buy hints if you are having a hard time with a level. There are two types of hints. One is that they will show one letter randomly in the crossword for 50 coins, and the other is that you can point which part of the crossword you want to see. The latter costs 100 coins, which is kind of hefty.

Another attention to detail is by clicking the word once you have found them, and the game will provide you its dictionary definition, which is a very nice touch.

Thousands of level and Daily Challenges

The game gets challenging every time you finish a level, but the gap of difficulty is not too big, and thus, you can easily get addicted to playing. There are literally thousands of levels in the game, and it even has extra master levels once all the other puzzles have been completed.

Also, the level design is based on a location like a forest and a canyon. Within this location is a set of themes such as Pine, Dew, or Flow for the forest. There are numerous levels for each theme, and once you finish the theme, you will get bonus coins.

Furthermore, you can also participate in the Daily Challenges, but these daily challenges are rather short.

A Chill Visuals and Soundtrack

Wordscapes has a very calm soundtrack that is relaxing and you can listen to it for several hours. It just makes your mind focus more on the game. Play the game with a headphones on, and you will probably get highly addicted to the game without getting annoyed with the audio.

As for its visuals, it is simple, yet it is soothing to look at. The background is nice and does not really distract the players.

Why play with the modded version?

By downloading Wordscapes 1.7.0 Mod APK, you can be completely relaxed when playing this game, since you can easily ask for hints if you are having a hard time in the level. Why? Well, you have unlimited coins to spend on the hints.

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