Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk 0.19.541041

Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK and get started to live your Star Wars Dream. A perfect game for all the star wars fans and lovers to indulge in the galaxy of heroes.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk


Category: Roleplaying


Verions: 0.19.541041

Price: 0

Filesize: 74M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 08-04-2020

A Perfect Analysis of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Shout out to all the star wars fans. Now they can live the movie life as their favorite stars in this ultimate game of star wars. No matter if you are a fan of the dark side or light side heroes, you got all the freedom to play them.

Along with such a wonderful and awesome combination of 3D graphics, everything will appear to be realistic. Try to make the difference between gaming objects and real-life objects if you can.

Get ready to be mesmerized with all the soundtracks and music, which will make you remind of the movie even more clearly. Don’t hesitate to let the music flow down your body and give you long-lasting goosebumps.

It's best if you’re running it on at least medium configuration device. As a matter of fact, if there are any overheating issues with the device, try to reduce playtime and try to take short breaks in between.

Fantastic Role-playing Gameplay

With such awesome gameplay, you can now play the role of your hero. Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for android, a fantastic role-playing game.

Playable content includes:

  • Create your ultimate team: Collect heroes from the star wars universe and create the best team possible. You have complete freedom in choosing the characters featured in the game.
  • Become master of the galaxy: Defeat your opponents, to rise to the top. Improve the combat strategy by upgrading your heroes’ abilities.
  • Collect all the collectible items available in the game.

And the list goes on!

Beautiful 3D Graphics

You’re about to witness some of the mind-blowing 3D graphics, which are so beautiful and realistic that you won't be able to make out if they are computer-generated or real pictures.

Throughout the gameplay, you’ll be able to notice very fine detailing on each and every object. This altogether will definitely make you fall in love with such stunning graphics.

Now, controlling your character will be easier and convenient because of the smooth animations. You will enjoy each and every moment of the gameplay for sure.

MOD APK Features

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK free download is loaded with some more extended features including:

  • Available for free to download and play
  • Rated: Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store
  • Offers in-app purchases to their users
  • Rated for ages 12+


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK latest version is loaded with huge playable content. One thing is sure that no true movie lover will ever get bored of the game anytime soon. Best suitable for players who are looking for a fighting game with an option to fight with a squad. Get started with such a wonderful game now!

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