Sacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk 1.10.1

Download Monster Hunter Riders APK Mod 1.10.1 and take part in fighting dark forces that are terrorizing the residents of Ferujia Island. Your work will be to fight tirelessly and restore peace in the region.

Sacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk

Sacred Sword Princesses Mod Apk

Author: Auer Media & Entertainment

Category: Action

Package: com.nutaku.eoa.enus

Verions: 1.10.1

Price: 0

Filesize: 51M

OS: 4.4

Updated: 29-02-2020

Interesting Storyline

This game is set in an interesting continent known as Ferujia. In this land, human beings and monsters co-exist—they have lived together peacefully for more than 100 years.

However, the unity was shaken by a natural disaster that stroke the land. The impact of this calamity was so huge that it divided the continents into small pieces.

This is where the problem starts!

The continent is no longer united which gives an enemy a chance to attack. Dark forces arise and dominate the continent.

All over sudden, the monsters start attacking and eating human beings. It’s at this point that human beings realize that they should unite to fight the monsters.

Initially, 10 heroes from the land arise to fight the dark forces. These heroes are named the Monster Riders.

They will consistently undergo practice sessions to restore peace to the continent.

Challenging Gameplay

The Monster Hunter combines two playing modes:

  • Role-Playing Adventure
  • Turn-Based Combat

You’ll play as one of the Monster Riders. You must work collectively as a team to collect and train monsters to gain the necessary strength to fight the dark forces.

One of the treasures that you should be keen to obtain is monster eggs. You need to acquire and train as many monsters as you can. This way, you’ll have a sturdy team.

Interesting Winning Tips

As a team of Monster Riders, you should remain united for the common goal of defeating the dark forces. You should explore different lands to find new types of monsters.

When you fight and defeat them, you should remember to collect their eggs so that you can increase the population of the trained monsters. Your strength will be on numbers!

Monster Hunter Riders APK Mod 1.10.1

Monster Hunter Riders MOD version will simplify your missions. You’ll have an easier time eliminating the dark forces. Here are the features of this version:

  • GOD Mode. This is a feature that helps you to acquire supernatural powers thus making it easy to defeat the dark forces. You’ll become resistant to attacks by the enemies
  • Unlimited Money. You’ll have sufficient resources to buy everything that you will accelerate your success
  • Better Graphics. This version has phenomenal graphics and lighting systems


Monster Hunter Riders APK Mod 1.10.1 is ideal for you if you like a game that combines adventure and combat. Also, the MOD version has unique features that will, with no doubt, makes it more enjoyable.

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