Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk 5.13.190

Download Real Gangster Crime Mod APK and be the ultimate gangster in ghetto town. Get access to all exclusive features with unlimited money.

Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk

Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk

Author: Naxeex Studio

Category: Action

Package: com.gta.real.gangster.crime

Verions: 5.13.190

Price: 0

Filesize: 99M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 02-06-2020


Take out all your rage in real life to the virtual world. Real Gangster Crime is an unconventional urban shooting game where your hero is a badass ghetto gangster. You can go as crazy as you want to in the streets and take down anyone who comes your way. Bad guys or police—they are all your enemies.

Real Gangster Crime is a shooting and carjacking simulation game that gets as hardcore as it can get. It is set in a fictitious city called New Vegas. The whole city is your battlefield and all yours for the taking. Show them how fearless you can get and be hailed as the ultimate boss of the ghettos.


Enter the world of ghettos and discover the ins and outs of this city full of outlaws. Real Gangster Crime is a third-person role-playing shooting game where your character belongs to the dark side. It is an open world where you can explore every corner and unravel the mysteries in underground places.

The game works the other way around as you attract law enforcers instead of avoiding them. You earn money and ammos every time you kill a person. You also increase your experience when you destroy police cars, helicopters, and execute all other dangerous stunts. You have a wide array of weapons you can use to help you single-handedly wreak havoc to the city. Moreover, you can get access to any vehicle by either snatching them or acquiring them in-app.

Mean 3D Graphics

Real Gangster Crime showcases believable 3D animation that is conducive to intense battle play. The graphics and audio component complement each other well. The open world illustrations have impressive details, making it somewhat a good replica of Las Vegas.

The customizations available will surefire get you hooked. You can choose a lot of interesting and unique outfits that range from stylish shirts, polo, and pants to outrageous samurai costumes. Accessories such as hats, head gear, and eyewear are available to complete the look of a gangster boss. Moreover, you can get to collect and ride on tons of transports such as cars, tanks, and motorcycles.

Available on Android

Real Gangster Crime is released by Naxeex Studio. Get it on the fun and see how far you can go in being an outlaw in the concrete jungle. Over 100 million Android users have already downloaded this on Google Play.

Real Gangster Mod APK Latest Version

Don’t let anyone get in your way with Real Gangster Mod APK Free Download. Enjoy unlimited money for a continuous gameplay while benefiting on access to its premium features. Get rid of the ads and let them all bow to you as the ultimate ghetto gangster.

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