Plague Inc Mod Apk 1.16.3

Download Plague Inc 1.16.3 Mod APK, and play all the available plagues with this mod that already unlocked everything for you!

Plague Inc Mod Apk

Plague Inc Mod Apk


Category: Simulation

Package: com.miniclip.plagueinc

Verions: 1.16.3

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Updated: 02-03-2020

Hyper-realistic Pandemic Simulator

Imagine creating a plague that would wipe out the whole world, sounds fun? Well, Plague Inc is easily one of the best games to do this type of simulator, considering this has been around for several years now.

At the start of the game, you select a type of plague, whether it is bacteria, virus, fungus, and more. Each of these plagues has its own unique playstyle. For instance, a virus is a rapidly mutating pathogen, making it unstable and mutating without your consent. Fungus, on the other hand, is hard to transmit to other countries because it cannot survive when people are traveling.

Once you select the plague type you like, you have to pick a difficulty from Casual, Normal, or Brutal. It is highly recommended to do casual for first time players. Afterward, you can now name it. There is also a name generator if you cannot think of any names. Next is modifying the genetic code, these are optional upgrades that can help you obliterate humanity faster. Try to mix and match to see what fits better for you.

Everything is set up, and now we have to destroy humanity.

Creating a Deadly Pathogen

The gameplay is very simple. First of all, pick the country you like to infect. It can be a first world country or a developing country, the choice is yours. Once selected, you can gain DNA randomly or by popping the orange icon on the screen when it pops out. DNA is the currency here, and you can either buy Transmission perks or Symptoms for your disease.

When you buy any of those, Infectivity, Severity, and Lethality would increase depending on what you have bought. Infectivity and Severity are a must for your pathogen to spread. Lethality should not be the priority until you have infected them all. Otherwise, you may destroy your own pathogen when it is too high due to people dying at a very fast rate.

There is also an ability, which can help you fight off against researchers and doctors that are trying to make a cure. The rule of thumb is to be lowkey at the start, and slowly increase the lethality of your pathogen once you know you can infect them all. Each pathogen has a unique ability. One good example is the Fungus. As mentioned earlier, this pathogen is harder to transmit to another country, but it has the ability to spread at a random place by buying its Spore Burst ability.

An Engaging and Straightforward Audiovisuals

The visuals for Plague Inc is pretty basic, you can see the world, and you can see the airplanes and boats traveling from one country to another. It is also satisfying to see the pathogen spreads as you see how the red spots engulf a country.

As for the audio, if you have watched movies regarding diseases and biohazards, this one has the same vibe to it. There will be sound clips of people coughing or murmuring, which adds to the realism effect of the game.

Get the Modded Version!

By downloading Plague Inc 1.16.3 Mod APK, you can easily play all the plague types and use the modified genetic codes for your advantage without you completing each plague in normal difficulty. You can even play the other special game modes as well like the Necroa Virus.

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