Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk 1.1.257

If you’re a fan of games that require logical thinking, then download Magic Rush: Heroes v1.1.257 MOD APK. It is designed to not only entertain you but also enhance your creativity.

Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk

Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk

Author: Elex

Category: Roleplaying

Package: com.moonton.magicrush

Verions: 1.1.257

Price: 0

Filesize: 99M

OS: 4.0

Updated: 25-02-2020

Everything You Need to Know About Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush: Heroes is one of the most popular role-playing and tactical game in the world. It was published by Elex in 2015 giving way to an avalanche of downloads.

This outstanding game combines the concepts of Tower Defense, RPG, and RTS to yield a pretty exciting APK game.

Exciting and Grueling Gameplay

This game is designed to keep you glued to your screen. By the time you complete various stages, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take the next challenge!

It takes you into one of the most exhilarating historical adventures. You’ll be required to consolidate a team of heroes to help you in defending your kingdom.

When choosing the heroes, you should consider the skills of each one of them before incorporating them into your team. The aim is to ensure that you have a complete set of skills that will help in annihilating the enemy.

The five-set of heroes to choose from include: Canoon, Tank, Marksman, Support, and Mage.

Crucial Tips of Winning the Magic Rush: Heroes

To win the game, you need to tactfully select your team of heroes. Each hero has unique abilities and power. You need to blend them to seamlessly achieve a more formidable team than that of your attackers.

Also, ensure that you kill as many enemies as possible. The more you eliminate the attackers, the more you’ll have extraordinary chances to unlock special features that will help your team maneuver through obstacles and attack the enemy fiercely.

Better still, you can unlock the auto-attack feature which will optimize the chances of destroying your enemy.

Finally, you need to accumulate more money and gold which will help you to upgrade your weapons regularly. To achieve this, you can participate in PVP mode to play and win gold and other prizes.

Once you get these prizes, you can purchase more sophisticated weapons that will help you to circumvent all the strategies set by the enemy.

Beautiful Graphics and Sound Systems

The game has exceptional graphics and sound systems that ensure that you play for long hours without getting bored! It has a multiplayer feature which enables you to take challenges with your friends as well as virtual team members.

Also, the game has great sound systems that are neither too soft nor too loud. This soothes you as you think of your next step to overcome your enemies.

Magic Rush: Heroes v1.1.257 MOD APK Version

If you want to unlock better features of the Magic Rush: Heroes, you should download the MOD version.

It offers unlimited money and unlimited diamonds to help you unlock special features to help you defeat the enemy.

Features of the MOD Version

  • Ability to choose targets/directions of attack
  • Unique ability to intercept the enemy’s strategies and work around it for your team’s benefit
  • Power to decide the weapons to use to destroy the enemy regardless of the stage of play


Playing the Magic Rush: Heroes v1.1.257 MOD APK is not only about entertainment but also growing your thinking capacity. Download the game and invoke your strategies to defeat the enemy and become the hero of your kingdom!

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