Linda Brown: Interactive Story Mod Apk 2.9.12

Download Linda Brown: Interactive Story MOD APK to start your very own romantic story. This game is sure to give you some of the most tempting moments during the playtime.

Linda Brown: Interactive Story Mod Apk

Linda Brown: Interactive Story Mod Apk

Author: The Other Guys

Category: Simulation

Package: com.otherguys.lindab

Verions: 2.9.12

Price: 0

Filesize: 88M

OS: 4.4

Updated: 02-04-2020

A Perfect Analysis of Linda Brown: Interactive Story

If you are into simulation games and interactive story games, then Linda Brown: Interactive Story is just for you.

With the most realistic appearing characters, you will be amused and lured into playing it. Try not to fall in love with the game characters or develop a crush on them.

The gameplay is based on a storyline, which is led by your decisions. You decide what’s next and the story proceeds based on your decisions. What is more fun than controlling your own romance story?

However, it is not suitable to run this game on a low configuration machine. Make sure to run it not more than an hour even on a medium or high configuration device to avoid overheating issues.

Attractive Gameplay

Linda Brown: Interactive Story offers so attractive gameplay that you will develop a huge interest in it right from the beginning.

You play the role of Linda Brown, a broken woman, who has moved to a new city. You are in need of love and eagerly start the pursuit.

You get to control each and every situation in the game. Based on your choices, the story proceeds. Try your best to choose a perfect decision in all the situations to reach the ultimate goal of finding your new love.

The controls are rather easy. All you need to do is to choose from the list of given options and see what happens next.

Always remember, a bad decision will take you back in your pursuit, while a perfect decision will let you climb up in the story.

Realistic looking Graphics and stunning visuals

You will be shocked to see how realistic everything looks in the game. Everything is visible in high-quality resolution.

The color tone is perfect for a long playtime as it best suits your eyes. But make sure not to play longer than 1 hour for the sake of your eyes.

The animations are rather simple. You will barely see body movements of characters such as hands, legs, head, etc. Instead, you will see characters move like an object as a whole. But that is not a big deal.

MOD APK Features

Linda Brown: Interactive Story free download houses features, which include:

  • Designed for users 16 and older
  • Heavy implementation of advertisements
  • Encourages users to opt for in-app purchases
  • Available for free to download and play
  • Strong violence content


If you are a fan of role-playing simulation games, then download Linda Brown: Interactive Story for android and get started to find your new love. This game is perfectly unisex and best suits both male and female users. With an awesome combination of graphics, storyline and playable content, you will never want to give up playing it. Download Linda Brown: Interactive Story latest version now and find out yourself how tempting this game really is.

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