Game of Warriors Mod Apk 1.4.2

Download Game of Warriors MOD APK and engage in fierce battles as you try to save your kingdom from evils forces. You must prepare your warriors for the vicious fights!

Game of Warriors Mod Apk

Game of Warriors Mod Apk

Author: Play365

Category: Strategy

Package: com.strategygame.gameofwarriors

Verions: 1.4.2

Price: 0

Filesize: 56.59 MB

OS: 4.1

Updated: 03-04-2020

Exciting Details about Game of Warriors

Introducing, an amazing versatile strategy game that requires intensive planning – Game of Warriors for Android. You must establish a tower defense system to ensure that your city is safe from external attacks.

The game is set in a magical world characterized by enemies with sophisticated powers. As such, you must regularly upgrade your weaponry to achieve a sturdy army, thus enhancing your winning chances.

An Engaging Gameplay

You’ll play the role of a leader of a threatened city. You’re facing constant attacks from enemies that are hell-bent on destroying your town.

However, the battle won’t be a walk in the park! You’ll be facing superior resistance from well-equipped enemies.

As such, you must consistently enhance your defensive mechanisms. You’ll achieve this by building fortified walls, training your archers, improving the turrets, and undertaking any other measures that’ll keep the attackers at bay.

The game comes with two distinct gaming modes:

  • Horde Mode. This involves direct attacks on your enemies. You must recruit and train your soldiers to attack the enemies in fierce battles—always ensure that you only send the best troops to fight the dangerous enemies, failure to which you’ll lose!
  • Conquest Mode. In this mode, your primary intention will be to attack neighboring villages and incorporate their troops into your army. This way, you’ll be guaranteed of highly experienced soldiers who will improve your chances of winning the game

In both modes, a win will result in more coins—this will help you in upgrading your weapons and acquiring more experienced soldiers.

Proven Tips of Winning the Game

If you’re determined to win this game, you must ensure that you have the most sophisticated army in your region. To achieve this, you should regularly recruit soldiers and train them. Alternatively, you must launch numerous conquest attacks to poach experienced soldiers from your neighboring villages.

Additionally, you must regularly upgrade your weapons. Ensure that you acquire as many resources as possible to purchase sophisticated weaponry.

Superb Graphics

This game uses 3-D graphics with outstanding battlefield simulations. This, coupled with its highly engaging sound systems, ensure that the gameplay is immersive and that you’ll never be bored playing it.

Download the Game of Warriors MOD APK

If you want to enjoy more gaming features, you can download the Game of Warriors MOD APK latest version. This modified version comes with unlimited opportunities to explore different territories and acquire crucial fighting techniques.

Other unique MOD features include:

  • No Ads. This MOD version guarantees flawless and uninterrupted gaming since it has no adverts
  • Unlimited Money. The game comes with unlimited resources to ensure that you buy the best weapons to increase your chances of annihilating your enemy
  • Unlocked Levels. The MOD version has numerous open levels which give you the flexibility to choose that which suits your prevailing gaming mood


The Game of Warriors MOD APK free download will enhance your strategizing and planning ability as you control your army to defeat sophisticated enemies.

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