Epic Race 3D Mod APK 1.1.8

Do you have an unyielding desire to enjoy a relaxing racing game? Do you want to experience an outstanding race with incredible simulations? Well, all you need is to download the Epic Race 3D MOD APK!

Epic Race 3D Mod APK

Epic Race 3D Mod APK

Author: Good Job Games

Category: Arcade

Package: com.gym.racegame

Verions: 1.1.8

Price: 0

Filesize: 51.16 MB

OS: 5.0

Updated: 25-02-2020

The race will offer an adrenaline-filled ride around the city. Its diverse features make it one of the most satisfying games you’ll ever encounter.

Crucial Details about Epic Race 3D

The Epic Race 3D was recently released by Good Job Games. It has unique features that make it one of the most thrilling games in the Play Store.

The challenging racecourse and the highly dynamic racing rules improve suspense—the urge to know what’s in the next stage will always be overwhelming.

Top Secret of Winning the Game

To win the Epic Race 3D game, you should achieve the best speed while being cautious not to break the traffic laws. This will help you to acquire precious coins that will help you to improve your vehicle thus increasing its torque and horsepower.

Also, you should always strive to win the bonus levels. The level will come up after several seasons and it’ll help you unlock crucial features as well as a few coins.

Alluring Graphics and Sound Effects

The developer of the Epic Race didn’t take chances with the graphics. It’s the best you can get! Its seamless mix of simplicity and efficacy makes playing the game a worthy experience.

The 3D graphics are expertly completed with amazing sound effects. You’ll surely play this game for hours without getting bored!

Challenging Gameplay

What makes any game interesting is the difficulty to beat the opponent, right? When the course is tough, you’ll marvel at each of your milestones towards your success. This game has several obstacles that you must overcome to be successful.

First, you must perfect your swerving skills to increase your chances of maneuvering through obstacles. Secondly, you have to beat the clock and finish the race within the best time possible. Finally, you must observe all the traffic rules to avoid problems with the traffic cops.

Why You Should Download the Epic Race 3D MOD

Unlike the original Epic Race 3D game, the MOD version has more features that make playing more interesting. You’ll have increased chances of winning since you’re empowered to improve your racing car from the beginning.

Additionally, the version has incredible graphics features that will keep you on your toes throughout the racing session.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money. You can easily upgrade your racing car, customize it, and unlock extraordinary features that will make racing fun
  • No Ads. If you’ve always abhorred the interruptions occasioned by regular Ads, then the MOD version is the solution for you. Enjoy an uninterrupted thriller!
  • Improved Ease of Control. Mastering the control systems for the MOD Epic Race version is a breeze! This leaves you with enough time to concentrate on racing
  • More adventurous. The MOD version has better graphics and you can be certain that you’ll have a variety of racecourses to choose from


Racing has never been this fun! With the Epic Race 3D MOD APK, you’ll be empowered to compete with the fiercest rivals without breaking a sweat. Download it and enjoy the breathtaking experience.

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