Dino World Jurassic dinosaur Mod Apk 11.47

Download Dino World Mod – Jurassic Dinosaur Game Mod APK to maximize all the features of this classic Jurassic-themed game.

Dino World Jurassic dinosaur Mod Apk

Dino World Jurassic dinosaur Mod Apk

Author: Tap Pocket

Category: Adventure

Package: com.tappocket.dinozoostar

Verions: 11.47

Price: 0

Filesize: Varies with device

OS: 4.1

Updated: 19-05-2020

Raise and Train Your Dinos for the Battle Leagues

Scientists still debate on the plausibility of the existence of dinosaurs. But who cares anyway? Dinosaurs are very much alive in the prehistoric Dino World – Jurassic Dinosaur Game.

You will raise, crossbreed, and manage their habitat. Each dinosaur will require a specific living condition such as the desert, mountains, river, or even a legendary one. These creatures evolve as you advance in the levels and earn coins and gems. Apart from collecting dinos, you can arrange your island by adding buildings and other decors.

You will acquire new dinosaurs in the form of eggs, just how it is theoretically viewed in science. The habitat that you have provided for them shall serve as their nursery. Hatching of the eggs will take some incubation time. You can speed up the process if necessary by spending your gems. Farm food for these creatures across the island and prepare them for the missions.

Building and maintaining your dino world will entail you to have enough resources in coins and gems. An effective way to loot coins is to join in the league fights. Deploy your best dino army to defeat your enemies’ forces and destroy their base. This is where the game becomes more exciting as you will need to get more experience and resources to upgrade your dino fighters.


  • World-building simulation game in a Jurassic setting
  • Breed a whole range of majestic dinosaurs
  • Crossbreeding function for a surprising twist
  • Customize habitats according to the dino type
  • Battle leagues to earn prizes
  • Raise your dino army to prepare them for battle

Jaw-dropping Animation

Dino World – Jurassic Dinosaur Game presents a magical and colorful world of these extinct creatures from prehistoric era. The details in the island are well thought of as shown in the variety of habitats available. The animations are highly entertaining which are sure to delight the young and young at heart alike. Its controls are intuitive that makes for a smooth gameplay.

DINO WORLD - Jurassic Dinosaur Game Mod APK Latest Version

Get enthralled in your own island inhabited by dinosaurs. Enjoy being their master as you raise and prep them up for the fights. Experience a seamless gameplay with a DINO WORLD - Jurassic Dinosaur Game Mod APK Free Download.

With unlimited money, you can include more powerful dinosaurs in your team. Take advantage of the Mod features to see the optimum performance of your dino world.

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