Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk 3.24.1

Download Bloons TD 5 3.24.1 Mod APK – one of the most highly-rated Tower Defense games in Android, which you can now play with unlimited money!

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk

Author: ninja kiwi

Category: Action

Package: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd5

Verions: 3.24.1

Price: 2.99

Filesize: 99M

OS: 2.3.3

Updated: 25-02-2020

A Unique Tower Defense that is all about Popping Balloons!

Imagine hiring different types of monkeys, each has its own skills, just to take down hundreds of balloons, it sounds crazy, right? Well, Bloons TD 5 is all about stopping the invasion of balloons and use all your strategic skills to wipe them before the balloons reach you. Depending on the difficulty, you have to destroy atleast fifty (50) waves of balloons to complete a track.

What is fascinating in Bloons TD 5 is the variety of units you can deploy on the map. There are around 20 units, and each has its own skill trees that you will unlock the more you use them. These units vary from your normal monkey that throws darts, a monkey that drives a chopper, and even a Super Monkey! All of these units have two skill paths, which usually boils down if you prefer them to have a longer range and have faster productivity or if you like them to blow powerful damages to the balloons.

There are also more than 50 tracks in the game, which is an incredibly high number for a tower defense game, but that just means it is loaded of content. These maps can be categorized under Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert. Do not worry about quality because all of these maps are well-crafted and not a single one seems to be recycled.

Co-op Mode

Co-op in tower defense is quite rare, but Bloons TD 5 manages to create an engaging way for both players to cooperate with each other.

Essentially, the map will be split into two, and it will serve as the boundaries on where players can deploy their units. Players will earn exclusively on the balloons they popped, but they can ask or give cash to their teammates.

Maps that only have one entry point will be easily taken care of while maps with several entry points can get hectic very quickly, which adds to the pressure as the players share the same health bar.

This is definitely worthy to try once you have completed all the tracks in the game.

Simple, yet Effective Visuals and Audio

Visually speaking, Bloons TD 5 is very cartoonish and simple, and considering this game has been out for several years now, the graphics still hold up even today. The units are distinguishable from each other, and the game looks amazing when a lot of things are happening on the screen.

As for its audio, it sounds calming, but it can get slightly repetitive, especially since it takes atleast fifty (50) waves to complete a track. It is highly recommended to listen to your own audio.

Want to enjoy Bloons TD 5 more?

By downloading the modded version - Bloons TD 5 3.24.1 Mod APK - which gives you unlimited money, you can easily enjoy the game without stressing yourself when the balloons are overwhelming you.

You can easily buy more cash when you play a track to deploy and upgrade your units or buy more health/hearts if you are losing a lot of them because the balloons just keep on coming!

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