AndroRat Mod Apk 1.2

Download AndroRat Mod APK to have remote access to an Android phone. Retrieve information from the target device with ease.

AndroRat Mod Apk

AndroRat Mod Apk

Author: DDT

Category: Tools

Package: AndroRat

Verions: 1.2

Price: Free

Filesize: 962 KB

OS: 2.3 and up

Updated: 12-05-2020

The RAT That You Can Trust

AndroRat is a portmanteau of Android and the term Remote Administration Tool (RAT). It is an open-source mobile malware for Android OS that allows a remote user to control a target device.

This tool first came out in 2012 when a team of 4 university students developed it as a school project. The main purpose was to have remote control of the Android system and retrieve any desired information from it. It took them one month to finish the application.

AndroRat serves as a client/server application wherein the client side is developed in Java Android while the server in Java/Swing. It runs as a service that commences upon booting. Hence, the user does not need to interact with it. The connection to the server can be stimulated by an SMS or call.

The following are the available functionalities:

  • Access contacts, call logs, messages
  • Locate via GPS/Network
  • Live monitoring of incoming messages
  • Live monitoring of phone status e.g. received calls, outbound calls, missed calls
  • Take a snapshot from the camera
  • Listen to any sound from the microphone or other audio sources
  • Watch video (available for activity-based client only)
  • Send SMS
  • Call target device
  • Open URL in the device’s browser
  • Put the phone on vibration mode

User-friendly Interface

Despite its technical nature, AndroRat was designed to have a user-friendly interface. It has a minimalistic look that rids of any intimidation from the user. The boxes where the necessary details should be inputted are clearly manifested. You simply need to provide the information such as IP address, port, and target APK to run it. A quick instruction is also provided at the bottom of the screen.

The main GUI has a clean and organized look, arranged in a table. The list is updated real-time whenever a client connects or disconnects. The same thing goes for the Client panel wherein the information can be easily understood. The whole layout was made to be intuitive.

Mod APK Download for Android

There are certain situations that call for serious or desperate measures. It may be that you want to protect your child by monitoring his or her mobile experience. Or it may be that you have certain suspicion to your other half that you want to confirm. You may also be involved in a high-risk investigation that is crucial to public order. Androrat APK is here to solve any of your dilemmas.

As the name of the app suggests, it is specially made for Android users. You are assured that the use of this app is safe and secure. No need to look any further. Your search for a remote access tool ends with AndroRat.

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