AFK Arena Mod Apk 1.37.03

Download AFK Arena Mod APK v1.37.03, and upgrade your units and reach high levels quickly with this unlimited diamond mod.

AFK Arena Mod Apk

AFK Arena Mod Apk

Author: Lilith Games

Category: Roleplaying


Verions: 1.37.03

Price: 0

Filesize: 100M

OS: 4.1

Updated: 05-03-2020

Well-crafted Casual Action Card Game

If you like sitting back and reaping rewards while your heroes do the farming automatically, then AFK Arena is a game you would like very much.

The story of the game is because the demon has invaded Esperia, and you must create a party consisting of five heroes stemming from different factions and races. Each hero has a specific role, type, and class, so it is best to form different parties that will work best together.

At first, you will only get the Hogan, the Knight of Kingdom, but soon enough, you will be getting more heroes to join your party. You will progress in the game by completing stages. There are no specific gameplay elements when battling enemies in each stage, you just need to watch them, but you have to activate your heroes’ ultimate once it has been filled up. However, to make the game easier for the players, there is an “Auto” button that will activate your heroes’ ultimate attack automatically.

Once you reach a certain stage, you can speed up the battle with the x2 feature. You can reach further stages with this feature, but you can also acquire this feature by being a level 2 VIP.

Gacha Mechanic and The Dark Forest

AFK Arena features gacha mechanic to provide heroes for the players. By going to the Noble Tavern, you can select different types of events that summons different heroes. Produces All Heroes pack will let players summon by consuming diamonds. There is also the Faction pack, which focuses on a specific faction. Lastly, there is the Companion pack which is almost the same as Produces All Heroes pack, but the mode of payment differs as it uses companion points instead of diamonds.

As for the Dark Forest, it is basically different types of game modes you can do in the game. For instance, Arcane Labyrinth refreshes itself every 48 hours, which means you can only play it for two days to finish it. Every battle you have won here will reward you gold, labyrinth tokens, and a relic. Heroes that die during the Labyrinth run will be permanently downed until it refreshes.

On the other hand, the King’s Tower is all about challenging each floor and going up until you complete the tower. If you are having a hard time winning here, it is best to re-arrange your heroes or level them up to complete the floor.

Beautifully-made Game and Spectacular Audio

AFK Arena is a highly detailed game. Each hero has a unique appearance and skills. The animation is very smooth, and it gets really good when everyone is doing their ultimate attacks. For a casual game, it is entertaining to watch and continue playing the game just for its graphics.

As for the audio, it has a great soundtrack, and it differs from time to time depending on your game mode. Doing campaign stages? The audio will be like you are in an adventure yourself. How about doing King’s Tower? No worries, it sounds like you are being challenged every step of the way.

Advantages of getting the Modded Version

By downloading AFK Arena Mod APK v1.37.03, you can easily unlock all the heroes that you want with this unlimited diamond mod. Although you may still have to finish quests and campaign to acquire other materials for you to level them up. However, having all the heroes in your arsenal, you can easily create a great team to progress in the game.

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